How We Work: Provide Technical Assistance, Share Opportunities, Create Connections

Cenadores works to empower current and potential agents of change in Puerto Rico by advising organizations on their strategic goals, sharing professional development and funding opportunities, and establishing critical connections.

Sharing and Connecting

Because of its valuable network, Cenadores is able to nominate qualified individuals and organizations to unique opportunities that are not easily accessible. Our nominees embody the mission and vision of Cenadores and serve as ambassadors for our organization and Puerto Rico. In this role, Cenadores has successfully secured participation and recognition for more than 20 Puerto Rican changemakers at national events and programs, including:

Members of the Cenadores network and partner organizations receive information through social media accounts, emails, and through active community collaboration on Slack.

Strategic Engagement and Technical Assistance

Rock the PR Diaspora Vote

We believe an engaged diaspora can be a change agent for their local community and for Puerto Rico. In an effort to raise awareness of the importance of participating in the democratic process, we have partnered with Voto Latino to get out the the Puerto Rican diaspora vote in local and national elections across the United States.

San Juan Gov Jam 2016

The 2016 San Juan Gov Jam, part of the Global Gov Jam series, was a partnership of Cenadores and Seriously Creative, to create ideas for making public services work better. Working around a common theme, participants used design thinking methods, such as user research, brainstorming, and rapid prototyping and testing, to develop and build innovative approaches and solutions towards challenges faced by the public sector. At the end of the two-day challenge, participants pitched their ideas to representatives from the Government of Puerto Rico, non-governmental organizations and the private sector who provided feedback. Results from the San Juan Gov Jam were highlighted with results from participating countries around the world.


This pilot project brings a series of modules on financial literacy to a partner vocational high school in Puerto Rico. Cenadores collaborate with local volunteer instructors and school administrators to teach personal finance lessons that complement the school’s required curriculum. The project collects data on concepts learned and the ability to apply concepts with the goal of scaling up and creating a more competitive workforce.

San Juan Selected - 100 Resilient Cities

In 2014, Cenadores partnered with ConPRmetidos and Putnam Bridge to assist the municipality of San Juan in its application process for the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Challenge. San Juan was selected and it joined a network of urban centers around the world “ready to respond to the social, economic and physical shocks and stresses that are a growing part of the 21st century.” The “100 Resilient Cities” movement was created by an initial $100 million commitment by the Rockefeller Foundation after recognizing the trends of urbanization and globalization that characterize this century.

What We Do: Sobremesa for Action

The word “sobremesa” literally means “over the table”, and captures the Puerto Rican culture of savoring the conversation and company of others during a meal.

Cenadores hosts monthly ‘cenas’ where members have the opportunity to network with other diaspora professionals, collaborate on new and existing projects, and hear from special guest speakers from organizations in Puerto Rico that are working on transformative ideas.

Guest Speakers

  • Laura Cantero, Executive Director, Grupo Guayacán
  • Giancarlo González, Former CIO for the Government of Puerto Rico
  • Xiomara Caro, Former Executive Director, Instituto del Desarrollo de la Juventud
  • Carlos Cobián, Founder, Cobian Media/H3 Conference
  • Luciene Gigante, Co-founder, Access Latina
  • Marta Michelle Colón, Co-founder, Access Latina
  • Alvin Quiñones Avilés, Co-Founder, ABRE Puerto Rico
  • Lyvia Rodriguez del Valle, Executive Director, Enlace Caño Martín Peña
  • Mike Soto-Class, President, Center for the New Economy
  • Sebastián Vidal, Parallel 18