Currently, membership into Cenadores is by invitation only. However, we do accept outside requests for membership from time to time. To be considered for membership, potential candidates must reflect the Cenadores values.

Are you passionate about empowering civil society in Puerto Rico?


Do you consider yourself a member of the Puerto Rican diaspora or a friend of the Puerto Rican diaspora?


Do you enjoy volunteering, contributing ideas and collaborating in team projects?

Consistent with our mission to empower a new generation of agents of change in Puerto Rico, Cenadores provides opportunities for members interested in developing professional skills and connections while giving back.


  1. You can provide valuable skills and expertise that help direct more resources to civil society in Puerto Rico.

  3. You can be a link between agents of change on the island, the Puerto Rican diaspora and friends of the diaspora, working toward a common goal.

  5. You will learn what the Puerto Rican community really needs and how you can help.

  7. You will expand your network by volunteering alongside committed professionals from different sectors.

  9. You will gain access to high-level professional development opportunities, events, and key leaders on the mainland and the island.


Help us invest in Puerto Rico’s civil society! If you would like to be considered for membership or for information on how to donate, please contact: